Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wheelchairs v. Scooters: The Debate Rages.

Top o’ the mornin’ to you all…

So, wheelchair/scooter driving crips tend to be pro-whatever they drive…and, that’s it…end of story.  There’s a small, and I mean very small percentage, that could go either way…it’s that divided.

I’ve had the privilege to drive both in my 41 years on this berg, and I’m whole-heartedly a wheelchair driver, but I’ll lay it out with pros and cons for both.  OH YEAH, and you crips out there, sound off, we won’t judge…*snicker, snicker* Seriously, chime in on anything we write.

First, scooters tend to be skinnier than chairs, so squeezing past people in aisles is easier; however, making sharp turns is next to impossible, think of an 18-wheeler trying to turn into the near lane.  It ain’t gonna happen without initially drifting out.  Most scooters are longer than a chair…even mid-wheels like mine that has six wheels.  Joey’s is a front-wheel with a bit of a bed, so she might give a scooter a run for its money length-wise.  Still, hers’ll be take turns tighter than a scooter.  She just has to watch how her ass swings around, because with front-wheels, fishtailing can be a factor especially on ice…fun, but can suck even more.  Even then, scooters can flip easier on tighter turns, because of the empty space between the front and back wheels.

Joey and I’ve both flipped our chairs, but not because of a design flaw, but because we did something stupid like not pay attention.  While we’re talking about flipping, chairs are heavier than scooters weighing in at 300-350 without its driver.  Scooters weigh 150ish driverless.  Flipping either way’ll suck and hurt, but uprighting the scooter’ll be easier.  Of course, that lack of weigh guarantees the scooter’s going over.

As you guys know, Joey and I’m walking the streets a lot, so speed’s a must.  Our chairs go 7.5 miles per hour.  I’ve had one that went 8, and I know of faster chairs, but that was years ago when insurances would pay for high-ends.  Now, they’ll only pay for chairs/scooters that range from 3-6.5.  Scooters, aside from their precarious build, top out at 5.5-6, maybe they can be pushed to 6.5, but that’s iffy.  Battery life, I believe pretty much runs neck and neck depending on that it’s used for.

Either way, at the end of the day, the government (Medicaid, Medicare) defines independence by what someone can do in their house, not out.  In other words, chairs and scooters are technically designed for indoor use ONLY…ain’t that a bitch.

Be good to each other.


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