Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Is Life Really that TRANSparent?

So, who watched last night’s Good Doctor?  The new resident doctor’s a bitch, isn’t she?

Shaun’s world’s rocked yet again when he learns things aren’t always as they seem when the girl barely coming into her teens came in with a stomach ache is really a guy.  His reason can’t resolve why she identifies as a girl when physically she’s a guy.  He asks questions the other doctors deem intrusive.  Ultimately, he learns she’d rather be asked questions than stared at.  Like a child, Shaun has no probs asking questions, because of his autistic social skills.  Joey and I could relate to wanting questions over stares when most think it’s uncouth to ask.

Now, we have no probs with trans; we know a few.  One of my favorite cousins isn’t trans, but is gay, which I’ve always known, and I adore him, always have.  And, honestly, we have no room to judge.  We get sized up daily whether it’s overtly or not.

Like the disabled, there are trans that might not be as open to answering questions of how and why and when, but, like we’ve noticed, people who’ve made peace with who they are, are more open than those who haven’t.  Everybody’s different, everybody gets there when they’re ready.  Some don’t sadly.

Given that, even as young as this child was, she was very forthright in her answers about her views on life as she saw it in a “mature for her age” way.  When she found out she had testicular cancer, she reasoned that she was going to be getting rid of them anyway, which made sense to her and us.  The doctors reasoned she was young, any by chance, she might want to have kids, so they opted to just take the one.  This made sense to us also…until she countered that she wanted to adopt when she has kids, which we both practically cheered since I was adopted.  She also looked the doctor dead in his eye when she vowed to be back when she was 18.  He answered her back with a promise that he’d be there to actually do the reassignment surgery.

A sweet and powerful episode, indeed.

I can totally understand wanting to be different and feeling different from what you are.  With modern technology, this is reality.  But, like Shaun learned, is society ready to learn and accept a new reality that people’s outside doesn’t necessarily reflect their inside.

Be good to each other.


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