Friday, February 9, 2018

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.

So, we just got back from a walk around the hood.  First, we visited TBro and Cran at Blue Collar.  They were both working on pieces: Cran was doing a star on a shoulder while TBro was doing an Indian skull on an upper arm.  We hadn’t been there in a while, so it was cool to catch up, and they hooked us up with a couple of Pachuco Ts to boot.  Of course, I plugged the site, and told them about our dreams for it.  And, they said they’d give us some love.  While we were there, Joey talked to TBro about touching up her Dezo Penguin left forearm.  They’ve always taken us in like fam.  Then, we got hungry, so we jetted to Subway.

There, Joey got a foot long she split to have half for lunch while having half to bring home for dinner.  I had a new chicken bacon guac wrap.  It was huge, so I did the same.  Of course, in true crip form, we had to get forks to get all the stuffing that fell on our trays.  We each got large root beers, no ice too.  The thing was, Ray, who we’d met the last time we were in, comped our complete meal!  That should’ve been an easy $12+ meal…FREE!  We kept asking him, but he said not to worry about it.  Damn, Man, thank you!

Walking down Tanner, we met a new neighbor, Alvin, when his Shih Tzu started barking at us.  He looked like a fluffy Hollywood.  Then, we continued home to release the beasts…Boys.

Like Ice Cube says, “Today was a good day.”

Be good to each other.


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