Saturday, February 24, 2018

Parental Units.

So, parents, let’s chat a bit, shall we.  I’m not gonna preach to you.  You don’t need anyone telling you how to do your job.  What I am gonna tell you about are some observations we’ve noticed parents with their crip kids.

The first thing we’ve noticed is that the parental units tend to let the crip kid get away with murder.  No!  Yeah, we know you’re kid’s different, but you’re not doing him/her any favors in the long run.  The real world’s real, there’ll be people that won’t care about Little Johnny one iota.  If he spouts off, there’ll be someone that WILL take his a out wheelchair or not.  If he has sibs that’re able-bodied, when you’re back is turned, he WILL have a bad day.

Free passes, noooo.  I stayed grounded (even smacked) for my smart mouth, or some stupid s I pulled, and thought I could get away with.  Again, you’re not doing them any favors in the really real world.  And, trust me, your kids best weapon WILL be his/her tongue.  We might be able to physically fight, but I learned really fast how to home in on peoples’ weakness to use in a fight to shut them down quick…waterworks quick.  DON’T think they won’t try to use it on you.

Push them, if they push back, and they will, push harder.  If you’re a good parental unit, you want your kid to eventually get the h outta your house and be independent.  There are some that can’t, and that’s fine, but most can…they just need to be pushed.  Let’s call a spade a spade, eventually you’re gonna go, and hopefully, Little Johnny’ll be prepared.

Anyhoo, Folks, that’s just my two cents from Two Feet Below.

Be good to each other.


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