Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mother, May I?

So, Joey and I’ve noticed when talking to people they have to “ask” their other whether they can do whatever.  Ummm, OK.  We scratch our heads at this.  Why do people have to ask “permission” to do a job, go out with, say, Joey for a Girls’ Day Out, what have you?  That’s no partnership, that’s more of a guardianship/parental/kid relationship.

Now, Joey and I’ll check in with each other when making plans or going out to do whatever…just to let the other know.  But, we don’t ask “permission.”  Like one of our favorite songs, “We’re in This Together” by Nine Inch Nails, we are a partnership.  Not one’s better or in a higher stature than the other.

Once, Joey asked me if I’d object to her getting a dragon inked over one of her boobs, which I did.  Not because I didn’t want to have ink on her boobs, but because I didn’t know the artist.  Of course, I was a different person then; we’re talking 10+ years ago.  My trust in her is full, so, if she wanted to do it now, by all means.

This mindset just baffles us.  How can someone give another so much power over them when they’re supposed to be equal?  Hmmmm.

Be good to each other.



  1. We always ask each other, it is a consideration thing, like just in case one of us had plans for us and had not mentioned it yet.