Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hi there.  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  If you’re Catholic, you know what that is.  If not, that’s okay.  Lent lasts from now (Ash Wed.) until Easter.  It is the time where Jesus did the most suffering and sacrifices, leading to His death on Good Friday, so we could have a better life.  The way my brain understands this time is we give up a thing that means something to us to show ultimate appreciation for what He did.
We can also start doing something helpful to us or others, but, in years past, I’ve given up sodas, candy, all sweets, coffee, playing my Sega (or Nintento DS in more recent past), all kinds of things.  One year, I exercised every day.  Laid low on social media…
So, what did I think of for 2018?  I know Jason touched on this earlier, but I’m giving up pizza.  And putting cheese on anything.  Yes, those are big deals.  I can still eat cheese.  For example: I buy a mac and cheese meal already prepared.  I can’t take the cheese out.  However, I cannot make boxed mac and cheese because the cheese is a separate ingredient you’d mix into the mac.  No, I will not, therefore, buy a bunch of things with cheese already baked in just so I can eat it, but I feel this will be a good thing.
I might even drop a couple pounds J

What are you giving up?

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