Thursday, February 1, 2018

Honestly, people

I don’t usually post as often as Jason.  It isn’t that I have nothing to say.  It’s quite on the contrary.  I don’t know what’s up about that.  But now I’d like to talk seriously.  I’m a hugely honest person.  Do I lie?  Of course I do-who doesn’t?  Do I try not to?  Hell yeah.  I’m honest and just; injustice turns my stomach, and I’m sure it’s based on more than the fact that I’m a Libra.  I won’t stand for dishonesty, injustice, or cruelty!
I’d rather hear a hurtful but honest truth than a dolled-up lie.
One incident from 20 years ago is still in my mind today…
I was 19 or 20-still living at home (I moved out when I was 22).  I had a dog, a mutt that I can’t remember the breeds, named Casie.  She had herding dog in her, I remember, and my mom’s best friend gave her to me.  Well, my mom was/is a strictly cat person, so my Casie-facey lived outside.
I loved her.  We played.  She was very rowdy, but let’s face it-a herding breed puppy; yeah.  I don’t know how to say this any other way-I was discouraged from caring for her.  Feeding her, my siblings did all that.  To this day, but especially before I was 30, I’d rather crawl around than be doing things in my chair, so yeah, I was on the floor a lot.  My mom thought my dog would knock me down as I filled her food bowl.
Maybe she would have.  However, she’d learn doing that hurts Mom; she’d learn to stop.
So, I was at college one day.  My mom picked me up, as she always did, but she had some terrible news: she’d been seeing one of our neighbors, driving all slow by the house for a few days.  Next thing my mom noticed, my dog was gone.  Our neighbor kidnapped her while she (my mom) was at the store that morning.
I didn’t know what to do.  I was heartbroken.  I was angry.  Could we call the police?  I hated our neighbor-I wished her death.  I couldn’t believe a person could steel a dog, right from her yard, especially a disabled person’s dog…
Years later my sister right under me said her conscience was eating away at her.  She said Mom didn’t like the dog, didn’t like that my siblings had to take care of her (though I wanted to but wasn’t allowed).  So, when I was studying hard, she drove my babe somewhere and just opened the car door…
When she confessed, I believed that that probably was the truth.  I know at least 2 of my siblings knew, and at least one helped.  Being years later (even when I found out) getting mad would serve no point, but I was shocked and upset that everybody kept it a secret.  I would’ve rather my mom sit me down and truthfully express her view and given me the chance to do the same.
All that time I spent, hating our neighbor, for No reason.
Like I said, that was about 2 decades ago.  Given a full life, Casie might have lived 15 years.  I don’t know.  However she would have passed knowing I love her.  I’d heard somebody found her and lovingly took her home.  If that’s a lie, it’s one I’d like to believe.

But, guys, honesty really is better than a lie any day.

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