Thursday, February 8, 2018

February Adventure.

Afternoon, Guys, how you doing this Thursday?

So, February’s started off smashingly.  Yesterday, I randomly check the site’s stats to see who’s viewing (which countries, which posts, from which sources), and I almost shat myself!  We’d jumped almost 1000 views overnight!  HOLY CRAP!  I yelled across the house to Joey.  She came in, and almost shat herself.  Apparently, Cruisin’ went viral, after I’d posted it on the Royal Carribean FB page for other crips to hopefully read.  OMG, Guys, thanks!  Seriously, I got misty-eyed.

*Queue newscaster’s voice* In other news, Joey and I got published!  Now, Joey’s been published for a few years now with her Fantasy novel, Quest for Freedom, which she’d been writing before we met.  We’d helped each other with our personal projects since we’re strong in different aspects of writing.  For instance, in Quest and in The Howl, I helped Joey with descriptions since I write in pictures.  She’s great with dialogue.  But, our genres and style of writing are really different, though.

Personally, I’d been playing with the title, Potpourri of Poetry, for a while with the idea of taking my old Myspace posts I’d made into a manuscript…but, hadn’t done anything with, because I wanted Joey a chance to shine.  Then, last year, Joey came up with the idea of Two Feet Below for a project playing off our height, which I totally dug.  HOWEVER, life got in the way, so last year was a bust as far getting our dreams off the ground.  This year, I decided was gonna be different for us.

Last month, it was the creation of the site, and this month:

Be good to each other.


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