Saturday, February 17, 2018

Avon Calling!

So, today’s Joey’s first Avon party.  She’s worked hard to put this together.  She thinks I don’t take the things she does seriously, but I’m truly proud of her.  She has a burgeoning little business considering she has to do differently with the obvious differences.  I know she’s nervous.

Yeah, we say we don’t necessarily need acceptance from others, but, honestly, it’s nice to be recognized by the outside world.  Being known around isn’t a “must,” but it comes with the territory when you stand out just because.  Throw two together, and it’s, “There’s J and J.

But, being known doesn’t mean popularity, which doesn’t necessarily have to be, or WANT to be.  There are the charity cases types of hangers-on, the ones that think it looks good to others to be seen with us.  It’s the ones that come through behind closed doors just because, or the ones that say, “I’m going to such and such, wanna come with,” that we know want to really know our world.

That’s what this Avon party means to her.  Yeah, we know some people just can’t show, because of life and whatnot, but we also know lip service.

Given that, I’m extending an invite for any of you guys interested to come by between 2-5.  Come stay, or just come through for a bit.  We’ll have eats and drinks, and prizes.  We’d love to meet you.  Since this is an open invite, you can email us at, and we’ll send you our address.

Be good to each other.


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