Tuesday, January 30, 2018

You want to play?

Hi there.  How is everybody today?  Last night, I was trying to think of a post for today.  Another thing my mom would do as I was growing up (and still today, lol) was ask if I wanted something-anything.  Why is that interesting, Joey? you say?  Well, because she’d say something like, “Joey, do you want a PGP?”  Obviously, the choices were yes or no, but what did she mean?
Using the first letter of each word left no real hints, but it was our imagination that had to do the real work.  Maybe she’s thinking of a real thing: Puffy, Green Pillow.  Maybe she meant something wacky and creative: Potato that grows petunias.
Think fast-you can’t take all day to answer.  “Sure, Mom.  I’ll have PGP,” I might venture.  All things are age appropriate and child friendly, of course.
“You want a Pink, Greasy Pencil?” followed by laughter.
Eww.  Hahah.
My turn.  “Hey, Mom.  Do you want…”
One that just stuck with us, for some reason, first started because my younger sister would stomp when she walked.  “Ginny, do you want FFQ?”  I think first she said yes.
Haha, Fake Feet that are Quiet.

You should try it and see what kind of answers you get.  Love you.