Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hugs from Two Feet Below.

Good afternoon, Lovelies…

So, you can tell a lot about the level of a friendship by a hug, in my opinion.  There’s the full on, two-armed (unless you don’t have an arm) break the ribs “bring it in” hug, there’s the strong side hug because of height and maybe chair, and then, there’s the weak “if I have to” side hug.  I don’t know about able-bodied people noting this, but, at least, this crip does.  Call me judgmental, body language speaks volumes.

I’m a hugger, so I can pretty much tell the level of friend someone’s gonna be by the hug.  Sometimes, I’m wrong, and I get pleasantly surprised, other times, I get surprised the other way when someone gives a “bring it in’ hug, but really doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me.  A good poker face, indeed.

This tells me whether we’re gonna be acquaintances, group hang out friends, or one-on-one friends…the last two being the best options.  It let’s me know if I’m gonna be able to let that person in on my secrets, and rely on helping me if the time comes.  I have no shame, so my friends don’t have to worry about me not being there for them.

Joey and I were having this discussion before I started writing this, and she said she gives side hugs to everybody.  I told her I know, but her hugs are always “bring it in’ hugs…it just has to do with the crippy arm thing.  I told her, and she’s seen people come peeps come from behind me to give a “bring it in” hug…so, there’s different variations to show the love.  Her provider, who was with us during this convo and has been interested in our blogs and whatnot, was interested and understood my take to the different kinds and what they tell me.

So, what you guys think?

Be good to each other.