Thursday, May 9, 2019

Unedited Vid Challenge/Oh My Gosh!

Evening, Fam...

So, if you've been following us on our YT channel, you know we don't edit on purpose, because want people to us truly, not YT perfect.  It's actually very liberating, because we know we might screw up.  It affords us to  be FEARLESS!

Anyway, I challenged our Two Feet Below fam to post an unedited video of their own.  The way I set it up, NOBODY can fail.  NNothing to lose, everything to gain.

I'm throwing it out to you guys ton do the challenge if you choose to accept this mission.  If you choose, have fun. <3

Tonight,  Joey's reg. chick had to go on a two-day medical leave, because she jacked up her hand, which we've been trying to get her to get it checked out.  She finally decided to; however, this left the agency to find someone in a pinch, which they pulled off.  The rub is she came over at 6:30, which would have Joey in bed by 8.  If she needed to go take a leak, she'd have to wait some 11 hours!

Normally, she could get up if she needed, but this week her "friend" came which makes doing the deed by herself WAY harder since she at least has underwear on.  Also, she wears her boots during the day, so they give her the support she needs to get on john.  At night, she doesn't have that luxury.  Non-"friend" weeks, she'd just get out of bed to use the urinal.  Here's her concern...

Be good to each other.


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