Saturday, March 16, 2019

Persona Non Grata/Farting in Church.

Morning, Fam...

So yesterday, I thought about this college scandal with Lori Loughlin and her daughter.  I wondered what lengths someone'd go through to secure their kid's college spot...and, at what cost.  She, Lori, has essentially killed her reputation, AND dragged her daughter down with her...selfish if you as me.

Speaking of her daughter, did Lori think so badly of her daughters that they couldn't make into college on their own merits?

My other topic can be an embarrassing one for crips of the para and quad variety...farting at the most inopportune, say, the quietest part of church.  I know it happens to everyone at one time or another, but God (no pun intended) in church?  Do any of you crips have this issue?

Be good to each other.


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