Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Two Feet Below Fam/Tats or Piercings?/Poetry,Horror,Fantasy?

So Thursday, we had an exceptionally satisfying day with Two Feet Below with getting 5 new fam members!  I was so busy answering comments that I made Joey wait to see Us, which is hella bad ass if we say so.  We'll drop a review after another viewing to digest everything.

Anyway, yesterday, we took the chance to drop some love to our new friends for taking the chance on us.

Also, Joey talked about the debate about people that like only piercings and people that only like tattoos.  We both have both, but she prefers piercings while I prefer tats.

This morning, I read one of our poems from our book Potpourri of Poetry from Two Feet Below.  If poetry's not your bag, I plugged our individual books, so stay 'til the end for those vids!

Be good to each other.


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