Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Funeral Time Warp/Chewy Hangin' Out/Joey's Night/Funnel Cake Fun with Brad.

Evening, Fam...

So today, we went to our friend, Cindy's, mom's funeral.  She fell a couple weeks ago, had surgery, and was on the mend until this weekend.  It was a sobering experience, actually, since she wasn't much older than Mom.

While we were there, during lunch, we talked to the preacher.  He noticed the paint on my chair, and Mom made mention of some of the pieces she has of mine.  One them, I recognized as "On My Own" based on the song by the same name by The Used.

Now, I normally don't tell people about the pieces I do, because I want them to get what they feel from said piece; however, I guess, given the situation, it brought the feelings the song brings out in me, which was remembering how alone I felt dealing with my brother's death since my ex'd left me barely 6 months earlier.  I'd never told anybody except Joey, my wife.

It's weird what funerals conjure up, huh?

Be good to each other.


This afternoon, Chewy made us laugh with his, shall I say, openness?

Joey shared her night routine.

Fam, meet Brad, he's Joey's week provider.  He brought us a funnel cake from a Cliff's Food Truck, so we initiated him to impromptu vlogging.

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