Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Echo Dot-The Research Game Changer!

So, you're on the fence on buying an Amazon Echo Dot?

The folks gave us one for Christmas, and besides playing music, we've found the Echo Dot to be awesome for a number of things we can do here on Two Feet Below like spellchecking, which we can also use with our novel writing as well as finding out synonyms and antonyms without having to lug a heavy ass dictionary or thesaurus...a game changer for us crips and anybody else for that matter.  Joey likes to cook, and we found out Alex knows conversions.

Like I said, we're new with out Echo Dot, so we're still exploring, but it's already paid for itself with the things we've already found it can  do.  Check it out: the Amazon Echo Dot!

FYI: If you get on your network by MAC Address, it better to set up your Dot b y going to

Be good to each other.


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