Monday, January 7, 2019

Keep on Writing, Keep on Writing

Hey all.  Joey here.  So, I’m having a blast with vlogging, though I’m still a bit anxious.  However, I must not forget about writing blogs.  So, here’s a story I made up based on this picture.

Chewy and Lucky are discussing Philosophy, as they (in real life) would do.  But then, Hollywood, who wants attention, is like, “Hey, everybody, look at me.  I’m jumping on Lucky’s back.”
The two are trying to ignore him.  Then, a kitten comes.  “Hi, guys,” she says sweetly and waves.  “Can I talk, too?  I won’t jump on your back, and my name is Bella.”
Chewy says, “Nice to meet you, baby Bella.  Okay, you can talk with us.”
“Yay,” Bella exclaims.
Lucky, we still miss you (died October 2014), and we don’t really have a cat.
I’ll bet you wonder where I get my ideas, lol.  Well, I am a writer.
So, many friends ask me where I’m getting my little (doll) pets.  I am overjoyed to tell them I adopt my pets from Irina and Igor Vnukov.  They are extremely talented, and they put much love and detail into each animal.  Whether you’re getting a pet from their store, or you want a custom of your own pet, you will never be disappointed.
Have a nice day.

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