Sunday, December 2, 2018

Things That Go Bump in the Night.

So, a friend commented on our monthly adventure, saying she wanted to hear more about them, so I’ll oblige her.  Thanks, D.

The first isn’t so much an adventure, but an occurrence that happened a couple nights ago.

After Joey and I’m in bed, we have the last girl close and lock the door behind.  It’s been that way for years.  Of course, we can hear the neighbors next door partying and everything when they party, which is a lot.  Joey and I joke they’re the unofficial neighborhood watch since they’re always in their front yard.  Nobody’s mess with houses even if the watch’s a bunch of drunks, right?  However, they haven’t been lately. 

Anyway, Joey and I were watching TV when we heard a thud.  It sounded like a box falling to me, but was it inside or out?  Joey thought it was out, but you know how sounds sound different in the dark…yeah.  We turned down the tube and listened to hear anything else.  I considered calling the popo.  The Boys really didn’t stir.  We hope they’d know something’s not right, but then again, we have so many people come through here, we don’t know.

We’ve talked about getting an outside cam, but when the Vivint guy came through, he failed to tell us that that’d be the start of a new contract instead of an addition to our current contract, therefore, we’d have to cough up, like, $400 to break contract just to start another…ummmm, no.

Yesterday morning when Crystal came for Joey, we asked her if there was a box on the doorstep, which she said yes,
Those three books made the noise.
but we’re revisiting the cam idea.  If you guys’ve got knowledge of cams like Ring or something, drop us a line.

Guys, if this’s happened to you, there’s no shame in erring on the side of safety to call the popo or getting a cam.  If your help gets butt hurt, you don’t need them.

Be good to each other.


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