Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Day in Bed.

So, today, I spent the day in bed.  Now, normally people’re jonesing to spend the day in bed…until they have to.


Lisa, my Wed./Fri. provider texted Joey over the weekend to tell her she wasn’t able to go to talk to the admin at Outreach, her new agency, because she had to go out of town on a medical emergency, but she’d be here Wed. (today) to get me up with Tripple C and meet with the Outreach admin to start working with Joey.

Fast forward to this AM.  Christi came like usual to cath me, and I asked her if Lisa was coming, which she texted Adan to find out what’s what.  At the same time, Joey got a text from Lisa that she hadn’t gotten to leave, so, of course, she’s not going to be coming in.  Adan texted the same at the same time, but said he’d look for someone else.  I already know I’m spending the day in bed.  At least I got cathed.

The bitch about staying in bed is A. I can’t help Joey do stuff and B. I’ve got a painting commission to finish for a Christmas present…and now, I’ve lost a day, which I told Christi.  Thank God I did a good bit on it yesterday.

Ashley’s comes tomorrow, so I’ll be up to get on it.  I’m going to try to stamp it out, of course, with care since it’s going to a kid.  I don’t know what Fri. holds.  Ah, the unpredictability of crip life.

Be good to each other.


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