Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Survey Time

Hey all.  So, surveys speak volumes, right.  I mean, they let companies-or whoever’s getting them-know exactly how you feel.  However, they take time, so nobody really wants to do them.  I love filling out surveys.  Sometimes, I feel, it’s all I can do.
As you know, I never aim to lie or hurt others.  I feel, in the case that this is my last few days with Lifespan (DSSW), advised by Administration staff member, I should leave an end survey.  After all, they asked that I fill out a beginning survey, when I barely knew them.  In the beginning, they did everything right!  I mentioned in blogs how I told them my troubles with Tripple C, and they went on about how terrible all that was, to the point of even saying they ought to file a complaint.
They didn’t.  But, anyway, I was at ease.  I was being helped by competent, caring people.  Three days after I filled out a perfect, 5 star all-around survey with Lifespan, stuff started to go sideways.  Yeah, I fell for the phoniness.
As far as care, I have had two shifts serviced since November 20th.  The last time they saw to my needs was November 26th,.  That technically fulfills companies’ two week requirement, but they were saying that kind of care was unacceptable from Tripple C; well, guys…
Nov 26th to Dec 5th-no help; I think that speaks for itself.  And there’s no talk of squeezing me in, okay.  Maybe I’m still being too nice, but if I got a survey now, Lifespan would get 2 stars all-around.  Not everything that happened was in their control, and if you or someone you know is happy with them, stick with it.  But if you’re looking for an agency, as I mentioned before, look around, ask lots of questions, go with your gut.  Maybe they’re not the guys for you either.

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