Sunday, December 16, 2018

Stabbing Westward-Making Mad Memories.

Evening, Fam…

So, yesterday, we (Joey, Ashley, Alexis, and I) left out of here at 9:30 and got into Dallas at 2:30ish.  We checked into Studio 6, which ain’t a roach motel, but it ain’t the greatest.  It was a place to lay our heads after the concert.

Then, we were famished, so we went to Chili’s for some grubbage, which Joey and I shared the classic nachos like we used to do when we were dating and early in our marriage.  All four of us had mango tea, which was the shit!  Ashley had the Southwestern Eggrolls, Alexis had the Triple Dipper.  We also met up with Joey’s sister, Kasie, and niece, Emma,
which they hadn’t seen each other since they were kids.  Emma’s a precociously, cute.  They had Cajun Chicken Pasta and hamburgers, respectively, I think.  It was funny, because Ashley ordered a Molten Chocolate cake for herself, but the waiter brought 6 spoons.  We laughed at the size, but she killed it.
We spent a couple hours catching up and meeting and making fun of a guy taking a leak outside on his ride’s tire.  We were all so shocked, we didn’t get a pic or video.  Then, they had to leave to meet fam to see lights while we had to get ready to go to the concert.  When we were leaving, a cool couple asked us about our tats and complimented us.

After Ashley and Alexis dressed, we were off to get there by 6:30 when the doors opened.  I don’t know why I didn’t think the venue was going to outside, but it was and we were freezing, so we went to the Stabbing Westward booth, and I bought everybody a hoodie, which Joey wanted specifically, or a shirt, which we immediately put on, except for Joey, who was wearing a Stabbing Westward T she’s had for 20 years she wanted to show Chris.  Before the bands started, Ashley and Alexis went inside to stay warm.

While the first band, Rivethead, was tuning up, we milled around the booth until I saw Chris at his booth, so I told Joey, and they reconnected, she got her shirt signed, gave him the presents we’d gotten him, and got pics.
  Then, he had things to attend to, but said he’d find us later.

Rivethead’s a local Punk/Electronica band, which writes their own material and did a couple covers.  We were mesmerized by the bassist, Laura, was getting after it!  Steve, the frontman brought his kids and wife with him.  The kids were adorable with their little headphones.  The lead singer, spoke, he sounded Scottish.We got their CD after their set.  Of course, Joey got front and center.

Then, Secret of Boris, another area band, came on, and they were straight Punk.  For them, we sat of to the right of the stage just at the barrier, which was really good seats, and we were not blasted head on by the speakers.  He still engaged us, which was cool.   We got their latest CD too.

We started weaving through the crowd to get to the stage for Stabbing Westward’s set, and we ALMOST got up there except for these two tall dudes were being dicks.  I could see Joey was getting frustrated, so I texted her to reassure her that Chris’d see her, which he did.  Before he started singing, he got on the mic and told the people around Joey to “take care of her”!  It floored her.  Needless to say, we got closer when the people around us started ganging up on the two dudes.  It was totally awesome!  He made her concert just saying that.  Of course, we sang and headbanged until we were hoarse, and our necks hurt this AM.

When the concert was over, we got to talk to Walter, the keyboardist, and we gave Chris our shirt, which he said he’d wear…WAY COOL!!! 

Back at the motel, we saw a hooker working, but she jumped in a car before I could get a pic.  This morning, we were up at 9:15 and wound up having breakfast at Ihop before heading home.

Chris, we love you, Man!  Thanks again to Ashley, Alexis, and the people around us for the memories.

Be good to each other.

Alexis busted sleeping on the way home.

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