Friday, December 14, 2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet-Change's Growth.

So, Kim Kardashian broke the internet flashing her tits and ass in the Paper mag the Winter ’14.  Take that for what you will.

Four years later, Wreck-It-Ralph’s back in his sequel to his ’12 surprise hit in Ralph Breaks the Internet.  No, he doesn’t flash his tits and ass.  What he does do is learn the life lessons of acceptance and letting go.

After Vanellope’s stirring wheel gets broken on her game by accident, she and Ralph have to travel through the internet to see if they can find the part on Ebay before her game’s closed down permanently, effectively making her and the other players homeless; however, along the way, Vanellope grows up and wants to broaden her horizons to try new games.  This doesn’t sit well with Ralph, who’s happy the way things currently are.

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman both return to voice Ralph and Vanellope respectively.  Now, as an actor and actress, both are very hit and miss for me, more leaning towards miss, but I love these characters and can’t hear anyone else’s voices coming out of those mouths.

Yes, there are a bunch of Easter eggs in the film, especially when they get to the internet.  There’re a bunch of Marvel and Star Wars Easter eggs since Disney owns both now.  Look for the late Stan Lee’s cameo.  He doesn’t say anything and it’s a blink or you’ll miss it cameo, but he’s there.  It was so fast, I had to You Tube it to make sure I caught it.

I’m glad I missed all the eggs, because, if I’d known about all of them, I might’ve been to distracted looking to get the message that came with the film, which, reading other reviews, that’s what sounds like what happened with other peoples’ viewing experience.  This is sad, because a good film entertains, a great film educates while entertaining without getting preachy.

Like I said, the themes of Ralph Breaks the Internet is letting go and accepting the changes that come with letting go.  People tend to have a hard time doing both.  Change brings up a lot of different feelings.  Depending on the person, they might be healthy, they might not, which not only affects the individual, but those around said individual.

True, we’re all responsible for ourselves, but…

If you liked Wreck-It-Ralph, I’m sure you’ll like Ralph Breaks the Internet.  It’s definitely escapism with a heart.

Be good to each other.


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