Friday, December 28, 2018


Evening, Fam…

So, let’s talk about “FRIENDS”, shall we?

“FRIENDS” are those types that have to broadcast it the world, your folks, their folks, their OTHER friends, your OTHER friends, MAYBE even some dead relatives, dragging your ass around as long you two’re seen together.  They harp on peoples’ shit like theirs don’t, saying, “How’d they’d never do this and that”, always unloading their dirty laundry unsolicited, but when it’s time for reciprocation, CRICKETS!

Who knows one or more of these types?

Pick us!

It’s happens more than we’d like to admit.  We’d like to think we’re a good judge of character, then, we think we’ve found one true, we get shafted.  It sucks, because we’ve got a lot to offer, but when it comes to doing the hang out deed, CRICKETS!  We don’t know if they’re afraid to hang out public if they see their OTHER friends or they think we’ll expect them to do more for us, because we’re crips…I don’t know.  We’re always having to come to them.  Have you guys felt this before?

Now, let’s get more crip personal, shall we?

It’s worse with providers.

Case in point:  This week, I was supposed have this girl from Tripple C come get me up Wed. and today.  She no-called, no-showed both days.  Wed., Adan, the co-owner came about 2, and one of the nurses, Brooke came to help me this afternoon at 4ish, because my reg. nurse was out sick, which I figured she would, because she looked like shit.  I’m not begrudging her taking the weekend off, but it left the agency even more short-staffed, the head nurse had to pick up the slack, which put J low on the docket.  The bitch about that was I hadn’t taken a leak since last night…yeah.  My beef isn’t necessarily with the understaffed agency, it’s with the bitch that knows our situation, and specifically said the aforementioned statement in the first paragraph of this piece.  She’d even said she wanted to be Joey’s provider with her agency, but has she even shown up to her TWO interviews to get started…how ‘bout NO!  Come whenever they see us in public after screwing us, they wanna hug up on us like everything’s everything.

Bitch, back the F up!

Guys, finding real people is hard, but they’re out there.  Stay vigilant, EVENTUALLY REAL people’ll come your way.

Be good to each other.


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