Monday, December 3, 2018

Freezing for an Adventure!

Evening, Fam…

So, let’s talk about ice and wheelchairs, shall we?

It’s been a few years ago, but it was cold and getting colder, but not too cold for Joey to want a shake from Sonic.

Now, mind you, this was before Texas to Go, the delivery service, so, being the good hubby I am, I took her.

We stepped out and, of course, we could see our breaths, but Joey was undaunted.  I don’t think it was windy, so that was a plus.  The buses weren’t running then, so we had to hoof it.

We cut through parking lots and did the side streets to get there the quickest.  We got there, we got our shakes, and we were off…crushing some ice as we left the driveway! 
These're just my tracks in deep snow.
Come to find out it’d started drizzling/misting while we were under the awning, so we started to haul ass back home as it got colder and colder…and, here we are holding shakes in our bare hands.

Now, here’s the thing with us, we can put on coats and scarves, but gloves’re a bitch to get fingers to relax and driving with gloves is a no go…no traction to feel like you’re holding your control well…so, we go without.

Furthermore, sliding around on ice’s always been fun, but when you can go in when it STOPS being fun…not a MILE AWAY FROM HOME!
Luckily, on our path, my boy, Scott, used to live.  OH JOY, WE CAN STOP BY HIS PLACE TO WARM UP!  NAW, because we came unannounced, I had to BEG to come in for JUST A LITTLE BIT.

Anyway, we stayed a bit, warmed up, and hung out, then, we left to home. 

Ah, I love my wife’s spontaneity…LOL!

Be good to each other.


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