Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Celebrity on Cloud 9

Oh, wait, it’s just Joey, but I felt like the most loved celeb.
So, you’ve read J’s post about our weekend, right.  Well, I won’t run through the entire scene again; I just want to highlight some things.
Also, you probably read my confession, so, it was no big surprise that nobody had time for me, though we drove five hours.  Nobody, by the way, except the most lovely, angel sister of mine.  Honestly speaking, Kasie had no reason to come.  You know me, so you know I don’t mean that badly at all.  I haven’t seen Kasie for over two decades.  She basically doesn’t know me, but she wanted to know me.  I was keeping my cool, but when she found our table at Chili’s, along with Emma, I was so happy to see her beautiful, happy face, I almost started crying.
We talked, we ate, we laughed, we had a blast reconnecting!  We also laughed at Ashley when our server brought dessert with 6 spoons, but she exclaimed the plate was all hers.  We spent almost a couple hours together, but then it was time to get ready to rock out.
I love you, Kasie and Emma-you made me feel so important-and I hope we have many more times together.
So, I thought about writing two blogs, but na.  You saw the pics of my shirt, didn’t you?  That shirt is 20 years old-I bought it at my 2nd Stabbing Westward concert, when Darkest Days was their new album.  I remember clearly, in fact.  SW opened for Depeche Mode.  After they played, and DM started, Chris was walking around, as he’s always liked interacting with fans.  He stood close to me, but I was screaming, “Christopher!” but he didn’t hear me.
So, I whipped him with my new shirt.
Hahaha, I think it barely touched him, but it got his attention, and I got plenty of hugs.  Back to now.  I had to wear that shirt.  But you know what, everybody recognized its awesomeness, so, it didn’t bother me freezing to death because I never, in that five hours we were outside, put on a jacket.
We did buy hoodies before Chris showed up to man the booth, I should have bought a beanie, too, because when we came back to the table, they were sold out.  I’m such a weirdo.  Jason said, “There’s Chris” (at the table), so I turned and just stood there.
We said hi, and still I just stood there (I’m like, hello, Joey, say something).  Then he said he should give me a hug and asked if I want a pic.
Okay, so here it is. I froze (not literally…yet) because I had something important to give him-my novel, Quest For Freedom, that I signed for him.  He’s signed so many things for me, including my shirt that night.  And also Little Debbie snack cakes, Walter, Bobby, guys, I hope you got one, lol.
Stabbing Westward, as I’ve mentioned, is my favorite band.  They inspire me, they’ve brought me back from some really dark places.  When I write, they’re one of the main bands I listen to.
Okay, so SW was about to start.  We got basically as close as close could get, but there were 2 douches that would not scooch-yes, the 6 foot tall “dicks” that Jason mentioned in his post.  I was getting upset, J could tell.  He said, “Don’t worry, Chris will see you.”
I said, “But these guys refuse to move an inch.”  Don’t worry dudes (as if they ever did), you didn’t ruin one second of my night.  Even though I realized the guy in front of me and slightly to my right repeatedly rubbed his butt all over my control, until I turned it.  Yeah, really.  I eventually figured he was either drunker than a skunk, or he got off on it, cause somebody else would have been like, what keeps poking me in the ass?  Whatever, guy.
What happened next shocked me.  Chris knelt a bit to see me and said, “(everybody) Take care of Joey.”
WTF?  I almost died-I was so happy!  In an area with (I really don’t know) a ton of people, he saw ME!  And he called me by my name.  The way I feel, it’s really sweet if someone says endearing things like “hon”, “sweetie”, “buddy”, whatever, but when they say your name, that just shows they care enough to know you.  Wow.
Chris is so engaging-the whole band makes each fan feel special and important for going to see them-but he’d look around people, under their arms, whatever, just to let me know how important I am!
Thank you!
The night was Amazing!  The people around us were so nice, helping us take pics.  The energy-everybody singing every word-you could feel decades of love and devotion.
The night was coming to an end, but I finally got to meet Walter; isn’t that crazy, in all these years.  We said hi to Bobby, who we first met in 2004, Orgy concert in Odessa.  We still had to give Chris a site T-Shirt, yep.
A big shout out to Rivethead and Secret of Boris.  That was the first time to hear you, and you guys are Awesome!
So, wow.  I know I’m forgetting something-I always do.  Thank you, Ashley and Alexis, Cindy and Terry-for watching our boys-and, of course, Jason.
Thank you, God.
If you know me, you know I’m usually pretty shy, in part because of my CP, but there are things I know if I don’t do, I’ll regret forever.  What am I trying to say here?  Well, I guess, disabled or not, don’t let fear-or anything-stop you.  Wherever Jason and I go, we might see one, maybe two, others in chairs (as was the case seeing SW).  Maybe they just don’t want to.  That’s fine, but maybe it’s something else.
Guys, we love you all.  Whether you’re new readers, or you’ve followed us for months, thank you so much.  Please comment if you want.  Ask questions, or whatever.  Pass us to your friends, go back and read older blogs.
I hope I did justice with this one.

Here's one pic you didn't see

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