Sunday, December 23, 2018

Broken Trust-Hoping to Heal a Soul.

So, I finished the Christmas present commission, 3-song (Gone Away, In the End, and Angels Fall) interpretive piece this morning. 
Joey texted the client, but she never responded.  I hope I don’t get skipped out.

Anyway, it’s acrylic and sharpie on 22”x28” canvas.

I didn’t want to go literal with it, so I did the single wing falling into a hellish hand brought together with the line from “In the End”, “I put my trust in you.” To bring the piece together.

On doing research on “Going Away”, I found out the meaning’s about feeling lost, which, knowing more about the intended forever-home, I can see the relation to the song, so the doomed wing falling to hell has significance and there seems to be a lost of trust, which’s a running theme, whether overt or not.  Interesting and sad since the forever-home’s a 13-year-old.

Every piece touches me the way I hope it touches its intended forever-home.  I try to get in their heads to pull out their feelings or to bring a catharsis for said feelings.

At any rate, I’m grateful for the opportunity.

For our artist readers, no matter writer, artist, singer, whatever, use your gifts to help the world…and…

Be good to each other.


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