Thursday, November 29, 2018

Monthly Adventure from Two Feet Below.

So, Joey and I try to do an adventure a month, whether it be going somewhere new or walking somewhere.  Yesterday presented that chance.

I got another painting job and Joey asked a friend to reweight one of her babies, so she needed to get some filler beads.  How to get there?

We decided to get on the 25 after of bus 3, which used to go straight to Hobby Lobby in the day, but the routes were changed supposedly for more efficiency.  OK, we get it.

Anyway, I ask Amy which bus’d get us the closest to the store, and she told us bus 4 downtown.  We were going towards the mall, so we had a ride.  Happy Color time.

We get downtown and transfer to bus 4 and tell the driver where we want to go.  More Happy Color time.  Then, he dropped us off at the closest stop, which’s still 3-4 city blocks.

OK, now Joey and I aren’t too fond of sidewalks, because you just never know when they’re going to stop in Midland, but most are hella skinny, so you feel you’re walking a tightrope.  Not good.  I took us through the parking lot, thinking there was a driveway connecting the lots, but the wasn’t, so we cut through Abuelas to get back on the sidewalk.

Over there, it’s the type of sidewalk that has grass on either, which’s better than the sidewalk against the road, except this was designer sidewalk that rose up with drop off inclines on either side…again with the tightrope walking.

When we started down the far end of the sidewalk, I saw there was a drop off, so we had to cut through some grass to continue on our way.  Going through unknown grass’s sketchy, because we don’t know where the holes’re.  Still, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

When the sidewalk continued, it was almost level with the parking lot, so we just cut across to the store.

We wandered around a bit looking at Christmas stuffs before going to get the canvas, which I actually got a bigger one, yes, I had a brain fart on the size, and Joey got her filler.  Then, we had to make it back to the bus, but this time with a 30”x40” canvas in my arms since they didn’t have a big enough bag.  I figured I was going to have carry it.  The walk wasn’t hard knowing the landscape.

We missed the bus by MINUTES, so I offered to go with Joey to Carter’s for her to look at the baby clothes, but when I went down the walk, the canvas clipped the electrical pole, pushing it into my jaw.  Yeah, that was going to leave a mark going 7.5 m/h, the force knocking the canvas on the pavement.
Me checking my chin. You can't see it there, but I sure as hell feel it.

Now, something about most people…their worlds end at the end of their noses.  About a dozen people drove by without looking our way.  Then, Joey told me to go to the Vitamin Shoppe to see if I could get help while she waited.  Of course, she saw Joey and came to our rescue.  Then, the bus came a bout an hour later, and the rest of the trip home was uneventful.

I meant to get this out last night, but I guess my jaw wiped me out, because I’d titled the piece, and immediately turned off my computer and crashed until about 4 this morning when Hollywood was crawling on me trying to get comfortable.

Moral of the story:  Guys, try to do an adventure every now and then, it keeps life interesting.

Be good to each other.