Friday, November 30, 2018


Hi everybody.  How are you?  There are two posts I’ve been sitting on for a while…
I know it seems I’m always down or angry.  I’ve always said I feel I don’t belong in this world.  I know I can’t be the only painfully honest person in the world, but… I’m sensitive, I’m loving, I’m just different, I don’t know.  I’m just, and when I see injustice, I have to fix it, or at least point it out to as many people as I can.
So, these health care agencies all seem to have one thing in common-and it ISN’T care.  Money talks.  Even the ones who have the state funded programs.  It’s all about money.
Nobody says this, obviously, but I’ve needed a caregiver for over two decades.  I see the trend.  What makes matters worse is these people, especially the ones who receive props from the state, really want you to come to them.  It’s like commission.  So, they sweet talk you.
Now, I’m smart, but I do want to believe there are businesses, or people, who put love, compassion, and care first.  So, the past three and a half months basically have been Hell, because I want so badly to believe that so-and-so isn’t lying to me, like the last one, I keep falling for phony, heartless people and their scripted lines.
However, then the agencies have to prove they’ve been servicing their clients.  Of course, they can’t, so their best solution, drop the client.  I guess it’s just as well if they haven’t been helping that person anyway, but it’s a shitty situation.
So, here I am again, looking for another agency.  Guys, before you entrust your mom, sister, child, whoever into (even) an in home care place, ask a lot of questions.  Go with your gut, and try to hear what people are saying behind what they’re saying.  Don’t read into it what isn’t there, but be mindful.  I hope I can find an agency soon.  Right now, I’m taken care of, for the most part, but not by who signed up to do it.
Please think of others as yourself, and have a great weekend.

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