Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Hey all.  Sorry, sometimes, I just don't know what to call a post.  Time seems to crawl as Jason waits for his computer.  We're watching the ID channel all day... Haha, we watch that anyway.
I'm having hell with yet another health care company.  I know they're trying-I hope they're trying-but my caregiver, Lacey, assured me all day yesterday (through texts) she'd be here for the night shift.  She said she had no car and was trying to find a ride.  However, 9 p.m. came, and she texts she's so sorry, she isn't coming after all.  In fact, she's gonna just have to quit the company, immediately leaving me in a bind.  Especially since Jason's caregiver, Ashley, just left.  She waited around a bit, too, but I told her my lady was coming.
Are Lacey and Lupe cousins, or something?  That's exactly the mess that Lupe pulled!  Now I feel stupid giving Lacey $20 for $11 worth of groceries.
We're praying that decent people start seeing the need to fill these positions.  I mean, don't they realize our day pretty much is jacked if we're stuck in bed?  All I know is I do to/for people as I'd want done for me.  Hopefully, we'll soon see the silver lining.
Love you guys.

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