Friday, October 19, 2018

Rocky Horror-Challenging Society 42 Years On.

“And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time and lost in space... and meaning.”-The Criminologist - An Expert

So, we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time this season last night.  No, we didn’t watch the POS Fox wasted bucko money on a few years back.  Not that we have anything against Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert.  I like her in Orange and he’s a good singer, but she’s no Tim Curry Frank-n-Furter and he’s no Meatloaf Eddie.  He actually made a HORRIBLE Eddie!  It was cool that they had Curry pull off the Criminologist, though.  Otherwise, they were just trying to be modern weird, which really didn’t have the social impact the ’75 original had.

Actually, back then, the film didn’t hit it with audiences until hit started hitting the midnight Halloween circuit and people dressed the parts and acted their fave parts.

A funny story:  Joey used to think the movie was over after “Time Warp” until her big bro let her in on the bigger world.  Her mom’d cut it off before Frank’d come out to protect her virgin eyes.  I’d’ve loved to see her face.

I’d always known, my last girlfriend got me watching it in college.  I’ve watched it at least a handful of times every season since…not counting the random times during the year I chose to pull out the DVD or pull it up online.

I’d just put it on without telling Joey, so the next I’ll get a movie of her doing the Time Warp to post.

Of course, it has my fave saying in it, which I’ll shout out to all you: “Don’t dream it, be it,” which takes us back to the quote I chose from the end of the film.  It speaks of the times of the lack of acceptance, the lack of self-esteem to be what we’re truly meant to be.

Be good to each other.


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