Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Not Just Another Company

Hi guys.  So, all, who’ve been following my winding story of getting a health care company, know it’s been a nightmare.  Basically, since Oct 1, 2017, I’ve been approved by the state some funded hours each week to help with my daily needs, which I’ve split fairly with my caregiver each day.  For the first 11 months, using Odessa’s Accentcare (Nurses Unlimited) we only hit a few bumps.
I’ll say here I know the Gov doesn’t pay these Medicaid places enough, so that isn’t the individual companies’ faults.  However, if I had an issue, NU never sent a back-up caregiver (only once they did).  Also, in that 11 months, if I called, their initial question to me was, “Who are you?”
Who the F do you think I am?  “I’m one of your Midland clients,” I’d angrily state.  So, yeah.  Then, when that caregiver suddenly quit, they just didn’t care to help me, and they even tried lying to my field coordinator.
Luckily, she didn’t believe them.  So I transferred to Tripple C.
You’ve heard what a sorry excuse for a company they are, right?  What the boss told me, and the Medicaid fraud?  By the way, they’d only send help one day about every two weeks, not even calling to check on me.  Sorry, liars, too.  Don’t entrust your loved one to their “care”, please.
How do these companies do this mess to people?
Last Friday I switched to Disability Services of the Southwest (DSSW), also called Lifespan, out of Odessa.  Given my last two months, I was scared, to say the least, but I need care.  I thought I had a caregiver-I asked a friend, who sounded so excited.  Then, she dropped out of view, wouldn’t answer my calls or anything.  Some friend!
Anyway, the supervisor assured me they’d figure out something.  Well, guess what; they Know what care is!  They are taking turns coming out to help me.  You read that correctly.  What an amazing company!  Seriously, they’re taking their job and passion for helping others live, well…seriously.  I'm finally starting to breathe better.  Above being a regular, professional company, they care about my well-being.
Thank you, Lifespan.

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