Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It's Almost Here

Hey, guys.  We hope you’re enjoying your day and the weather.  So, it’s almost Halloween.  For my mom, that means starting the scary movie marathon in August, lol.  However, for most of us, festivities in October is fine enough.
So, when you were a kid, did you go trick-or-treating?  I did until I was 20, and Jason says he was about 18.  But Halloween is changing.  Yeah, back then, it was dangerous-your mom would have you dump out your bag of candy to check for razor blades.  Not cool.  But today, harmful pranks, kidnappings, or worse.
What is going on?
Now there are gatherings at malls or churches so kids can show off their costumes and get candy.  That is what’s really scary.
It just isn’t the same vibe, So, last year, I had on a Halloween dress, and J and I went trick-or-treating before going to our friends’ house.
I think since I’ve been in Midland, we’ve gone to our friends’ party.  They cook all day for this and invite everybody…Everybody.  People come with costumes or without, so I was thinking about dressing up this year.  I have different choices based on the weather.
So, my question is, what is your costume this year?
Here are some old pics.


  1. We usually trick or treated for UNICEF, then we would get together for hot chocolate and treats.

    1. That sounds really cool, especially if was a cold night. Thanks for sharing.