Friday, October 5, 2018

Immunity to Death.

So, last night while watching New Amsterdam, there was a part that really stuck with me.

Dr. Goodwin asks Dr. Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) about why she keeps coming back to work.  He says there’s so much death.  Her answer’s she’s gotten immune to death.  Hmmm.

I worked the medical field for 18 years, granted, behind a desk, but I’ve seen A LOT of people to the grave.  I can remember a lot of them and what took them out.  Before I worked the office, I had at least 7 crip friends go by my early 20s.  Other friends died from various things otherwise.  It never got easy, there’s no getting immune to “death” and losing people whether personal or patient.

IMO, if someone can HONESTLY say they’ve gotten immune to death, they need to pack their stethoscope and call it a day.  Yes, I understand death comes with the medical territory and you have to be able to, in a way, compartmentalize it, but when you DON’T FEEL…STOP!  We hear people here talk about working the old folks’ home like it’s nothing...including when they check out.

To a lesser degree, and I’ve touched this, I think, if you feel like you know everything there’s to know about whatever you do…in other words, take it for granted, it’s time to stop.  Things have a natural way of disappearing when we start taking our talents and abilities for granted.

Be good to each other.


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