Monday, October 1, 2018

Hollywood Update.

So, tomorrow, we’ve got an appointment with the vet to check out Hollywood’s leg.  He’s still not baring weight on his back left leg.  He still runs around hopping on his remaining three.  He tried to jump on the bed tonight, but couldn’t make it, so he sulked by the toilet while Chewy landed the jump.  He was so frustrated, he started crying like Joey does when she can’t do something she knows she should be able to.  Joey’s chick lifted him on the bed with Joey’s stool she uses to get on the bed with, so Hollywood can use it if he wants to get down.  I don’t think he will, though, he’s curled up at my feet.

We’re hoping he jammed his toe as he’s done before.  Otherwise, it might be a sprain at most, hopefully.  We’re pretty sure he’s getting an x-ray when Jaime takes him.  Poor guy.

Keep you guys posted, and please, send good vibes his way.

Be good to each other.


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