Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Helping a Stranger Live.

So, we hope we get the chance to teach people something when they work with us.  We tell them we’ll teach them stuff no textbook or nursing class’ll teach them.  Today, I got that validation.

This morning, when Bebes was helping me get dressed, she told me she’s been putting all her clients’ shirts on the way I taught her last week.

Story time:

Growing up, the folks’d help me put my shirts on by putting my head, then, my arms.  With my CP, my range of motion ain’t great, so pulling my arm close to my body to get into an armhole and push out is hard.

When I got on my own with providers, I thought of turning the shirt upside down, putting my arms in with my strongest first (left), then, pull the shirt over my head.  I found out, I could it with both a T and a button-up.

The end.

Anyway, Bebes told me she has a client who’s a severe patient.  She told me cries whenever he has to change shirts.  She told me he rarely changes shirts for that reason…and, then she suggested my way.  He didn’t cry!

She said she went back to the agency to tell them what I’d taught her, aw!

Made my day.

Be good to each other.


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