Monday, October 15, 2018

Doing God's Work??

Hey all.  What a day for us.  How’s it going for you?
So, cutting to the chase; don’t worry, I won’t use medical terminology.  A catheter is, basically, a plastic tube with a small hole on one side and a smaller hole on the other side.  One uses this when their bladder cannot eliminate on its own-it’s inserted directly into the urethra every time somebody has to pee.
A foley is a catheter that has kind of a balloon on one side.  When one is inserted, the balloon is inflated, so it stays in your bladder for a period of time.  The other end is attached to a bag or canister so the pee goes into that.  You’d drain that when it’s full.
Neither of those come without risks, such as weakening of bladder muscles (making involuntary spotting probable), infection, or worse, and they should only be used in emergencies or extreme situations.  So, now you’re probably asking, “Joey, why are you getting into this?  J already posted about it.”
And those who know me know I have a bladder of steel, so those supplies are unnecessary.
Today, Tripple C had somebody lined up for me.  Well, she never showed.  I don’t blame them if a caregiver just neglects her job-they didn’t know-so, I called and explained that nobody showed.  They said they’ll call her.  I said, “Please do.  I’m still in bed, and I really have to pee.”
A half hour later, I’d heard not one word from Tripple C, so I called my back-up.  Hey, I’m good, but the last time I went to the bathroom was 12 hours before that.  My friend arrived shortly after I called and got me up.  Thanks, Jaime.
I called them back to see if the situation could be helped, i.e. they found somebody more reliable for tomorrow.  After all, I’m on this Medicaid program because I’m running out of resources to pay for care out of my own pocket, but what they told me shocked the f out of me.  I know the Midland area is booming with oil, so if you’re not in the oil field, you’re not getting paid for shit.  I get that part, and it’s sad, but one of her suggestions to “help” me in case nobody shows up is for me to get a catheter or a foley.  WTF, how will that help me?  Actually, that would REDUCE my independence!
She said it works for Jason :O  Again, WTF?  They have to come cath J so he can pee-sometimes, he’s waiting for a bit on them to arrive, so, what does she even mean?  Then I knew I was talking to a person who clearly had no knowledge of medical supplies or the human body and its functions.  She also has no knowledge of her clients’ personal needs or lifestyles.  Wow!
And, anyway, how professional was that response (and they go to our Catholic church).  Furthermore, she explained that Medicaid pays bottom $$ for the caregivers, so we, on the program, are basically helped last of their clients.
This is shit, guys.  We are people-crips are people.  However, governments, insurances, health care companies, people who don’t need help like this either don’t understand or they don’t care about people who do need help like this.  The system is jacked.  Don’t let people tell you how to live your life, or that you’re not important.
Now, how to change the system…

So, Guys, you get both of us on this one this one.  When I got with this agency, I went in thinking I’d found an agency that ACTUALLY PUT CARE OVER the almighty $....yeah.  The truth ALWAYS comes out.

Last night, I threw out the question about wealth, and left it hanging on purpose.  True wealth’s what you get from GENUINELY helping people, the money’ll come from the genuine care.  SHAME ON Tripple C for putting priority on their clients based on $$$!  Remember, karma…and, people talk.

Also, taking money from Medicaid clients is illegal. 

Be good to each other-


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