Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dear Dr. Hannah Bailey

Dear Dr. Hannah Bailey,
Hi.  My name is Joey Danielle Rhode.  When you met me, I was Joey Aversa.  I was born in New York in October ’78.  Now I live in Texas with my husband and two dogs.
I completed school, had a few years of college.  I am a writer and author.  I love to cook and take pictures.  I love music and all ranges of movies.  I’m determined, passionate, creative, loving, just, silly, and so much more.
I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair.  I wear glasses and have difficulties with balance and some personal, daily care.
My mind is as sharp as ever, and I’m highly intelligent and strong.
Some of these things I’ll bet you knew about me, though I was only a baby when we met, but I’m writing to you because I want you to know the role you played in my life.  I don’t remember meeting you, but, on some level, I wonder if I knew exactly who you are.  You are truly an Angel of God.
For, you see, I’m positive what I told you-my life-would not be possible if you didn’t wake me up.  You saved me.  Your love and your talent literally brought me back to life, and a “Thank you” could never be enough.
Yes, I’ve had hard times, and I’ve had good, but I most likely wouldn’t have anything without you.  Thank you for my life.  Thank you for keeping me in your heart and in your hands.  I love you, and, until we meet in Heaven, I will do my best to spend my life being the woman that I know you saw in me.

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