Friday, October 26, 2018

Better Than Batman?

Hi guys.  Joey here.  So, it’s Friday; how are ya?  I feel really good today (for a nice change).  This new company (new to me), Lifespan, will help me with those hours.  They don’t have a specific caregiver in mind yet, but the supervisor came to help me today.  Wow, right!
Today’s topic is…super heroes.  Joey, you talked about that in Kick-Ass.  Well, yes, but not really in detail.  I came up with this title last night.  We are watching the 3rd season of…Daredevil.
Yes, I briefly spoke of him earlier, but Daredevil-Matt Murdock-gives me, as a crip, hope.  I mentioned in the other post, he’s kind of like Batman, but then, I’m like, he’s not rich, he doesn’t have all these resources to buy inventions.  Matt struggles sometimes to pay bills, and he doesn’t even have a car.
Yes, and he went completely blind at age 9?
Have you seen the Netflix show?  Please, go watch it.  It’s high action, it’s got everything.  You’ve heard, right, that when one (or more) sense is blocked, your others get stronger?  So, basically, that’s what’s going on here.  He’s got super-human hearing, first of all.  Of course, he had to learn how to do everything he does, but he’s absolutely amazing!
I’d like to also mention the actor, Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil).  Normally, where possible, I’m a Huge fan of actual crips playing crip roles, however, some exceptions are, but not limited to, Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot, James McAvoy and Steven Robertson in RoryO’Shea Was Here, and Charlie Cox.  These people study, they hang out with people of that disability, they really go above and beyond to do more than learn some lines.
In my opinion, watching Daredevil, you would not know Charlie Cox is not blind!  He displays all actions of his day as such, even to the smallest details.
To be honest, I couldn’t get enough of the first season, but the second season kind of lost some of my interest.  Not the acting or anything like that, but, I don’t know what.  I think I didn’t care much for Elektra.  The third season, I’m pretty much back into.
I might be losing myself in my words now, so I’ll close, and I’ll leave the review for Jason, but I’m stoked about this super hero!  Have a great day.

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