Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Amateurs Saying Dick Things.

So, here’s the scenario:

Yesterday, I had my quarterly with Tripple C to get recertified for services.  Normally, it takes a bit for it to go through the system, so they do it well before time runs out.  Not Tripple C.  The nurse tells me I might not get seen today, because of said system and apparent procrastination.  Then, she took my bp, which, surprise, surprise, was high.  I told her I’d just found out I was getting fscrewed.  I caught myself before I fully dropped it.

Anyway, she texted to ask if I was getting seen today and I was upset…no shit.  They said someone’d be here…how about NOOOOO!

Fast forward to today, I called at 11:30, 2:30, and 3:30.  I used my cell to keep the timestamps, because of the shiit Joey’d gone through, which’s different, but we know they’re down with saying shit just to shut people up.  Today was no different.  Everytime I called, I got the same bullshit answer that the chick that never showed up would.

Mom called to check in that she’d made it home from Kat’s.  Joey gave her the 411 on my situation, and she came over.  While she was here, she helped me finally cath after 18 HOURS and called Tripple C.  Adan, one of the admins answered.  I put my phone on speaker, so Mom, Joey, and I heard everything he said.  He explained that the chick who was supposed to come, quit early, but we called at 5.  In 6 hours, they couldn’t reroute someone who was close by?  Adan was answering phones in the office, so he sure as hell wasn’t coming…and, I HIGHLY doubt he was going to call to check on me.

OK, let me stop here for a bit to talk about things you SHOULDN’T say if you’re running a business…especially a home healthcare business.  You don’t tell the client they need an in-dwelling cath, which would be a 24/7 thing, thereby, not making me a priority to come.  They can come whenever the hell they want to.  The idea for home health’s to help with independence, not prohibit it, which an in-dwelling’d do.

Another thing you DON’T say is that if someone needs a certain level of care, they need to live in an assisted living or nursing home…especially when that someone’s been living on his own since ’95, ’96 with people only coming to get him up and put him to bed…that’s it.  I’ve been married, divorced, graduated college, remarried, and worked in that 22, 23 years.  Yes, I know I need help, I’ve also been without.  I’m still here.

Mom wound up hanging up on him.

Still, there’s shit you JUST DON’T SAY, those’re amateurish, dick things to say to take responsibility of them…and, that’s coming from someone who’s been been told on more than one occasion he was absent when tact was handed out.

If that’s what you gotta do to sleep better at night.

When you have “We Care, God Heals” as your slogan, you need to make sure you back that up…or else you’re a hypocrite.  I think God frowns on hypocrites.

Guys, be careful about people, their true colors’ll come out.

Be good to each other.


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