Monday, September 17, 2018

You Can't Save Everybody.

So, I went to pick up some long overdue refills at the pharmacy this afternoon, but between the rain and my procrastination, the meds were sent back, so I’ve got to get them tomorrow…my bad.

Anyway, when I was going across the street to get to the bus stop for the bus going the other way, I was cutting through Johnny’s Doughnuts’ parking lot like I normally do when I saw this old crip going in his manual chair slowly with his gear, so I thought I ask him if he needed help getting wherever he was going since I’ve got the electric wheelchair.  I figured he could hold my push bar like Noe used to do in the day, of course, going slower, but faster than he was going.

HOWEVER, when I asked if he needed help, he turned to me snapping, “Why are you asking if I need help?”

“I just thought I’d ask if you need help getting wherever you’re going.”

“Why you asking if I need help?”

I didn’t smell alcohol on him, but I noticed he was a double-amputee, one leg at the knee, the other a little lower.

At any rate, I wasn’t feeling good about the situation, so I went on my way to the bus top.  When I got there, I turned the way I saw him going, not turning my back on him.  He never came around the corner.

Instead, I saw him cross the street the way I’d just come.  I watched as he slowly made his way across, thinking I was going to see a squished crip, but he made it to Sonic.  I guess he went around panhandling, because I saw him in the spot Joey and I were in, then, I lost him as he went around.  I caught back up to him as he came down the near section.  Then, he was at the exit, but looking back and throwing his hands up.

THEN, just before the bus came, I saw the popo pull up to ask him what he was doing, I guess.  I saw a suit come out, presumably the manager.  I didn’t get to see the endgame or get a pic, because the bus showed up.

I tried, but you can’t save everybody…and, crips can be dicks…LOL.

Be good to each other.


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