Friday, September 21, 2018

What's This World Coming To?-Leave the Right Impression.

So, yesterday, there was a shooting in a Maryland Rite Aid, where an apparent disgruntled employee killed three people and wounded three others, then, this AM, I read an article where an old lady in a NY daycare STABBED THREE INFANTS and a couple adults!  WTFH, KIDS!

There were apparently two others that happened where people were hurt, and the shooters’re no longer with us…wow.

Like, I’ve said before, motive and weapon are irrelevant, IMO, innocents who woke up and went wherever thinking everything’s everything, and didn’t make it home, some not going home…ever.  Sobering thought, huh, how life can go left that easily.

This makes me think of a quote I read on my Twitter feed yesterday:

"Don't be sad for me, we all come to this world to be tourists, enjoy life, go sightseeing, do good deeds, I just so happen to be leaving earlier than others."

The unknown owner of this quote is or was a terminally ill cancer warrior…but, he/she’s right.

We are just tourists here, tomorrow ain’t promised, so make the time you’re given count.  Be out in the world, make yourself seen for the right reasons.  Don’t be a jackweed, because you can.  Leave the right impression on the world, because that’s all that’s going to be left…and, YOU WILL AN IMPRESSION ON SOMEONE whether you know it or not.

OK, so it turned into a twofer.

Be good to each other.