Saturday, September 29, 2018

Untitled (a poem)

JD Rhode

There is a unique title for each relationship held
Which title is ours?
If I asked somebody, they’d immediately exclaim what the paper says-
Over fifteen years
But how would you respond?
Do you understand me, feel me, need me, on a deeper level than anybody else ever could?
Not us
Also not us
Life partner
Sometimes, you say you can’t stand me another minute-
let alone the next forty-fifty years
Sex partner
We’ve known each other almost two decades, and, well
That is something you’ve literally stated too ridiculous and unnecessary to share with me
What more should I do?
I’ve been myself,
I’ve demanded,
I’ve begged
Another title; enemy
Probably sometimes
Are we nothing more than friends?
Then why have I given everything I could to you?
Which title is ours?

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