Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Good Doctor Season 2-I Will Go With You.

Early morning, Fam…

So, wow, where to start with the 1st episode of the 2nd season of The Good Doctor.

Dr. Glassman’s the typical doc turned patient from hell not being able to leave his lifetime experience behind as he has to get tested at nauseum for his brain tumor while pushing people away, specifically Shaun, who takes his mentor’s word as gospel, not being able to look past what he hears because of his autism.  Of course, leaving the hospital presidency, Dr. Andrews’ taken Glassman’s job, which he’s always envied.  He wastes no time pushing the envelope in a bid to keep the hospital in the press while doing evals on the faculty, which’s really spot on, calling out everybody on their faults, faults they thought were under the radar.  Andrews’ radar’s on Shaun now that Dr. Glassman can no longer be his security net.  Hopefully, Shaun’ll use what he already knows, and the other docs’ll help him along.  Also, in Andrews’ crosshairs’s Dr. Kalu, who’s last day it is after the fallout from his lapse in judgment last season.

Andrews and Dr. Melendez, being president and head neurosurgeon respectively with requisite egos, butt heads, which I hope doesn’t bog the show down into soap opera tropes that just repeat themselves to eye-gouging boredom, undermining the life lessons and character growth hopefully seen as the season progresses.

It was Kalu, who shined this first episode, helping Shaun understand the true meaning of friendship, in regards to Glass as well as coming to his aid when Andrews tries to nail he and Shaun on, maybe, stretching patient-doc boundaries to a. fix a diagnosis, b. do a risky surgery that might or might not have the results they think, and c. save a fam broken by said misdiagnosis.  Bravo to Kalu’s way he did Dr. Browne.

This first episode already induced misty eyes, so, damn, the next 13 weeks or so’s going to be a hell of a ride…especially after the cliffhanger.

Check it out Mondays on ABC.

Be good to each other.


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