Thursday, September 6, 2018

Taking It to "the Man."

So, as if Lupe’s hijinks weren’t enough for Joey, she tried to get on with Tripple C to find out Amerigroup dropped her.  After calls to Amerigroup and whatnot, the best they could surmise was that it had to do with the SSI SHE DOESN’T HAVE, and that she could be scheduled for a recertification in about TWO WEEKS…so, NO provider service until then except getting help from friends, but we all know how fickle friends are, right?  Right.

I suggested we’d go to the Medicaid office to get things squared away, which she told Tripple C and her lawyer.

“No, no, they can’t do anything for you.”

Of course, Joey’s already panicking, so hearing her idea shot down immediately, worries her even more.

I’ve been here, I know more often than not, they just need to see a warm body in front of them.  It’s easy to relegate someone to a number on the phone, not so much in person.

Yesterday was out of the question, because we already had an appointment, but today we go if we had to sit there ‘til we closed the place down.  To make things better, Joey came down with a stress cold, today, sniffing like mad, maybe even a little feverish.  She really feels like shit.  Still, she was up for going, especially when Mom offered to pick us up to go since rain’s in the forecast through Sat.

She brought her A-game, told them what happened...sniffing the whole time.  Come to find out, they screwed up, because, since we’re married, we’re lumped together…if she jumps, I jump.  I wasn’t booted.

The agent conferred with her super, who thought the same thing she did.  She made the changes needed, printed Joey’s confirmation letter for her records, and sent us on our way.

Tomorrow, we’re going to be doing a bunch of calls to get stuff resubmitted to Amerigroup to get paid and, hopefully, the charges erased for yesterday’s appointment.

Guys, don’t listen to the “experts,” they don’t live your life.  Go with your gut, do what you know.

Be good to each other.


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