Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sometimes I Have Control Issues

Hi.  It's Joey.  It isn't easy, but I deal with it as best as I can.  Years ago, my caregiver and I were in line at Arby's, getting food.  The next thing I knew, my chair wouldn't move!  Was it charged?  Yes.  It wouldn't turn on, so she had to pop my clutches and push me.
With each chair I get (I run my stuff into the ground, so, about every 8 years) I really don't need a lot of major work done.  You know, new wheels, new battery, new gel cushion-not much.  But then it happens.  Either I kill a motor or the control box (or joystick).  I've had 3 control boxes/joysticks die in 18 years :O  And, if you don't have that working, you have a 3-4 hundred pound manual chair-try moving that. *knocking on wood*
Hey, what did you think this was about?

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