Sunday, September 9, 2018

Septemberfest '18!

So, Joey felt good enough to go to the annual art festival, Septemberfest, today.  We considered walking, but Joey invited her provider, Jaime, to come with, so she offered to pick us up at 3 and drive the van.  We also got a chance to meet her daughter, Kailee, who’s been wanting to meet us since we steal her mommy Fri-Sun morning and nights.  She’s an interesting kid.

When we got there, we had to find a parking space, which is different, because we normally get a bus or walk.  It was a couple blocks.  After we paid, we split up, so Joey and I could find our artist friends while Jaime took Kailee to the kid things.

First, we saw Michael and Sally, who we met last year.  He’s a photographer, she’s a painter.  He’d remembered I was contemplating leaving the office.  I told him I did, and told them about Two Feet Below, inviting them to check it out and join in convos.  Joey ordered a print, which she should be getting in two weeks.

Then, we went to Dana and Karen’s booth.  Joey’s been collecting their glass hot air balloons they blow.  Joey got two balloons and a third free just because.  They’ve always treated us so nice.  Of course, we had to catch them up on our lives as we did theirs.  By then, Jaime and Kailee caught up to us.

It was hella hot from the humidity from the last couple days’ rain, so we went to find the icy booth for Joey to get a coconut icy while I got a large ice cream sandwich.  We also wanted more pork rinds from last year, but they weren’t making them…*sigh*  We also saw out longtime friend, Martin, who’s also a photographer.  We’ve got several of his pieces.

By then, they were shutting down, so we had to hurry to see people.  Joey was stopped by our jeweler friend, Michael, which I guess I didn’t hear, sorry, Mike!  I saw our friend, Arthur’s wife packing up, but no Arthur.  He’s a metallurgist and she’s a painter.

Last, we had to swing by Ann’s booth for hugs.  She does pottery, which we’ve gotten a few pieces of.

All across the board, everybody said the weather made the show not as profitable as it could be.  I understand, I did the show two years in a row, ’11 and ’12.  One year, it was hot, the other was cold and rainy all three days…followed by muggy.

All and all, it was a good, fun.  Joey had fun, but she has this cough that won’t leave alone.

Be good to each other.


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