Monday, September 3, 2018

Religious or Spiritual-Are You a Heretic?

Early morning, Fam…

So, this yesterday afternoon, we went to the Folks’ for late lunch/early dinner.  We hadn’t been over in a while.  Dad’s looking good.  We don’t get to see him much.  For lunch/dinner, we had pot roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes, chips and queso with lemon pie bars.

We’d gotten a late start, so we didn’t know if we were going to be able to enjoy the meal and the company and go to church.  I offered to show how we YouTube church, which was originally a cool thought, but as soon as we were done eating, we had to pack into the van…all because we wouldn’t get communion otherwise.  Me thinks it’s because it’s not the norm.

Anyway, we go, and the homily’s about being religious over spiritual.

Today, we learned that spiritual people want to mold their religion to wants and beliefs.  In other words, man-made.  Religious people go to church everyday it’s expected, that every rule’s a perfect world.  

OK, but, the pope’s over the church.  The pope’s just a man.  Modern religion’s man-made, one man’s interpretation that gets passed down through the ranks that we get “taught.”  Anything outside that’s wrong.  Apparently, we’re OBLIGATED to go to church, observe all the Holy Days of Obligation, and fasts.  Otherwise, you’re merely “spiritual,” you’re literally breaking Catholic rules.  Hmmm.

We know that people aren’t going to agree about every “rule” that goes with a religion, but we do believe in choosing a religion and staying with it, don’t just bounce every time you find something you don’t like.  We understand about being mature enough to follow rules whether we agree with them or not.

Given that, as you guys that’ve been with us know we YouTube mass when we can’t go and that you don’t necessarily HAVE TO go to a church house to worship.  God or whatever Higher Power’s always invited.

Furthermore, we understand sacrifice, we understand Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins, we understand the concept of going to church as opposed to doing whatever…time you can’t get back…a sacrifice.  Again, it takes a bit of maturity, a bit of drive.

When we YouTube church, phones go off, everything takes a backseat for an hour.  If we’re going to do it, we’re doing it right.

Lastly, what about the olds or crips that can’t get out?  They’ve been Catholic, Christian, what have you most of their lives, but they’re heretics for participating on TV or YouTube from home now?  I think not.

Just trying to process stuff.

Be good to each other.


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