Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pain and Emotions.

See how he's protecting his back left?

So yesterday, we were going to the St. Ann’s Family Fair, which celebrated its 70th, but Hollywood hurt his leg badly jumping off the bed to the point he yelped, something he and Joey have in common, that’s how you know they’re really hurt.  Anyway, something to add to our already mounting stress.  We couldn’t find a clinic that’d come out or find someone, who’d come give us a lift to a clinic…every frustrating.  We’ve only missed the Fair a couple times in the time we’ve been together, which Hollywood definitely takes precedence over everything.  Yeah, it’s been one of those weekends in the ol’ Rhode household.  You read Joey’s post yesterday, yeah.  Life’s been peachy.

I bought him some children’s Tylenol, and Joey found out what we could safely give him until, hopefully, we can get him looked at tomorrow.  He still doesn’t want to bear weight on his leg if he can help it, but he’s getting around better than yesterday.

Guys, it's hard to not argue when shit gets real, trust me, I know, emotions're a blessing and a bitch.  Remember, working towards the common goal's the endgame you want.  Emotions'll pass.

Thanks for listening, Guys.

Be good to each other.


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