Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Living Art.

So, let’s talk about living art, shall we?

Living art, to me, is art that the artist intends to be interactive with whoever sees it, whoever buys, so that they can keep the interactivity going with their fam and friends, hopefully, for generations.  I’d heard a version of it on an old competition reality show called The Next Top Artist.  I don’t think the artist intended for it to go on after the exhibit like I thought.

Anyway, when I started doing art shows, I, a. did stuff to get the kids involved since art shows I saw tended to leave them out of the art scene in addition to my tattoo artwork, abstract work, and such, and b. wanted people to be a part of the art I created, putting their personal mark on a piece if the chose to buy it as well as keep it going.

I came up with the Remembrance Book.

I’d at least get an 18”x24” canvas and use sharpie to draw a book with hands holding it open.  I’d get a couple different colors of metallic pens for people to sign, doodle, whatever to get people that came by my booth involved.  In my spiel, I’d explain I call it living art, giving them my definition, and invite them to have at it.  I’d go on to tell them that whoever buys one, gets the pens to keep it going with the idea that as it goes, names’ll get covered, but it’s about the layers and memories.  With the metallic pens, the new stuff can easily cover the layer below while contrast shows the layers beneath.

Be good to each other.


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