Saturday, September 15, 2018

Clueless Joey.

So, last night, a couple of Joey’s birthday presents came in.  After Joey’d turned the shower pressure high, Jaime helped me open the box.  Inside, there were two tiny boxes.  I told her to put them on Joey’s pillow.  My thought process was she’d see them, and I’d give her the choice of one, the other, she’ll have to wait for next month for her real birthday on the 6th.

She got out of the shower, dressed, and on the bed.  The whole time Jaime and I were watching each other.  Jaime got the Boys’ beds, called the Boys in from outside, and went to shut the light off.  Joey still hadn’t seen the white boxes laying in the center of her pillow.

“What’s on your pillow?”

Joey gasped.

Jaime and I laughed.

Joey asked if she had to look on and under her pillow from now on since I’ve pulled the stunt before randomly.

Jaime and I laughed at her as she chose.

The other, I put away.

Aw, my unmaterialistic Princess.

Be good to each other.